Services and Pricing

Three points independent authors should consider:

  • Writing is the easy part.
  • Writing a tight, compelling story with realistic characters is far more difficult than most people realize.
  • Getting others to want to read your work, is an order of magnitude harder still again.

After working with dozens of leading independent authors, including Nick Cole, Michael Bunker, and Peter Cawdron, I’ve learned that good writing thrives on good editing. As a writer, you know what you intend for your story. In your mind, it lives in technicolor, but print on a page is only ever in black and white. Working with an editor allows you to step back from the story and see it afresh. A good editor provokes debate, gently challenging a writer to ensure their story is as strong as it can be. Good editors help writers bring color to the page.

I offer two different services:


Line Editing

What most authors are looking for is line editing. The purpose of a line edit is to make your story as seamless as possible, and make sure the story is what the reader remembers.

With your line edit, I will:

  • Correct the basics: grammar, spelling, punctuation, homophones, and other incorrect word choices.
  • Look for continuity errors and plot holes.
  • Revise for flow and clarity, making your sentences clear and understandable. Make dialogue read like dialogue.
  • Find and eliminate “pet words,” and advise suitable substitutions.
  • Final proofing after the line editing has been completed.

Starts at 1.25 cents per word. 


Proofreading is the final step in the writing/editing process. Ideally, your story has already been read by several readers who have advised and assisted with story, plot, and pacing. Your story is ready for publication and just needs a sharp eye to correct technical errors. When proofing, I will only correct an unquestionable mistake. I will not offer objective opinions. This is the there/their/they’re phase.

Starts at .075 cents per word.

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Ellen Campbell