I’m approaching my fourth year of indie editing. As I look back at the changes in my life, I can’t help but be amazed.

I have had the privilege of editing authors that have graced both the NYT and USA Today bestseller lists. I edit talented people that proudly call me “their editor.”

But you know what? I’ve NEVER lost my inner fangirl. When a talented author (if you know me, you know that “AUTHOR” rhymes with “WALKER”—Thunderdome reference, haha!) sends me a friend request, or follows me on Twitter, I still run around my dining room table, shrieking, “OH MY GOD! X WANTS TO FRIEND ME!”

All “my” authors…as we work together, do know: I may mock your word choices, and roll my eyes at your bloopers, but I brag about you behind your back…because I’ve never lost my inner fangirl.

Thank you.

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